Happy New Year!!!  2022 Goes Out On A High Note  As We Usher In 2023  With Grooves Blazin’!!!

As 2022 closes and we head into 2023, I can truly say that it has been a year of learning more about myself and the human race in general.  Not to sound cliche, but I do have so much to be grateful for.

I’ve also started to learn more about how to deal with the people that I know personally that don’t want to acknowledge my work as an artist.  I know it sounds strange to some of you, but it is very true.  You’d be surprised how many people I know very well that have said nothing to me about my album, “Vulnerable” once it was released as if they had no idea I had anything new.  LOL for REAL!!

Which brings me to where we are now and the good news I want to share with you.  I was just notified that “Vulnerable” produced by the incomparable Leon Sylvers III has been chosen as the #1 Soul and R&B album of 2022.  I am so very honored to know how my music has resonated with the world in gereral (even if the people I know can’t name more than 2 songs on the album).  The lesson in this for me is that you should always go with your gut instinct and do the music, art, professional job (whatever you desire) that is best for YOU…’cause FYI the people who you call your friends / family are not always the ones that want to see you wi

I want to thank Tone Scott at GoldMine Magazine for taking the time to listen and really dig into what the “Vulnerable” experience is about.  He nailed it on the head!

There is so much more to come from this album and I can’t wait to share it with the ones who rock with me.

Shoutout to everyone who worked on my album, and gave your everything in the process.  Couldn’t have done it without you!  Thanks to all the people who have the album and support in every way possible!  Love you all so much.


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