Los Angeles, CA (Worldwide Release) – Creole-American singer – songwriter Nikkole debuts brand new Dance Single, “ROMANCE” a collaboration with DJ Frisco and Marcos Peón of Spain.  It’s OUT NOW… so what are you waiting for?  Head over to your preferred digital platform search for “ROMANCE” by Nikkole with DJ Frisco and Marcos Peón, and let the music take control. You can also click the buttons below.  Get ready to lose yourself in the captivating beats and embark on an unforgettable dance adventure!!!

Together we can create an unstoppable wave of rhythm and movement that resonates with music enthusiasts worldwide.  Let’s Gooooooooooo!!!

The song was written and produced by Nikkole, DJ Frisco and Marcos Peón and appears on the LA International Records label.  Vocals were arranged by Nikkole and mixed by Charlie Lopresti.  Executive Producers are Nikkole Hall and Wallace Hall.  “ROMANCE” was recorded in Los Angeles, USA and La Coruña, Spain.

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