Nikkole Receives 4 IMEA Award Nominations

NIKKOLE IMEA Nominations

NIKKOLE IMEA Nominations

IMEA Awards nominates Nikkole – Pop Entertainer of the Year, Pop Artist of the Year, Pop Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year for her #7 Billboard hit “Zero”.

Nikkole Featured on Ibiza Remix Compilation

Nikkole’s brand new remix for “Just Give Him My Best” from StoneBridge and Luv Gunz has been selected to be one of the featured tracks on the Ibiza Summer 2015 compilation CD.

Nikkole Billboard Magazine

Thank you for giving my dreams the wings to soar

Nikkole Billboard Magazine

Nikkole Billboard Magazine

Nikkole Billboard Chart Achievement

Nikkole Billboard Chart Achievement

Nikkole Billboard Chart Achievement

Pop Dance Siren Nikkole and World Music Producer Ricky Kej Team Up

Nikkole - Zero - Ricky Kej Remixes

Nikkole – Zero – Ricky Kej Remixes

Nikkole’s Top 10 Billboard Hit, “Zero” Gets A Global Chill-Out Courtesy of GRAMMY Nominated World and New Age Music Producer Ricky Kej

Pop/Dance Singer Nikkole and 57th Annual GRAMMY nominee Ricky Kej join forces on a brand new take on the Billboard Hit “Zero”, which is currently at #7 on the Billboard Dance Chart. This remix is a Chill-Out wind down tempo, a style that has been taking Europe and Asia by storm.

Nikkole and Ricky Kej crossed paths this season through the GRAMMYS. Nikkole’s album “Hallucinations” and Ricky’s album “Winds of Samsara” with Wouter Kellerman were both released on the same day, July 15, 2014. These two talents also share that they both originally hail from North Carolina. Now living countries apart, Nikkole in the United States and Ricky in India, the musical forces have connected through their love of music and desire to collaborate with different musicians from all around the world.

Nikkole says “I am truly energized by Ricky’s take on ‘Zero’. It’s dramatic and expressive and brings a whole new vibe to the project. It’s a voyage into imagination”. Ricky stated, “I have treated ‘Zero’ like a story with a very emotional solo in between; it feels as if this is a journey”.

This is first of much more to come from Nikkole and Ricky Kej. Look for “Zero” (The Global Chillout) at your favorite music outlets including iTunes on Tuesday, January 13th!

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Nikkole Now Has Two Top 20 Songs on Billboard from Hallucinations

Nikkole now has two Top 20 songs on the Billboard Dance Club Chart from Hallucinations.  The lead off single “Gonna Get It Right” peaked at #20, and the current single “Zero” is still climbing the charts and is at #14 with a bullet for the week of January 17, 2014.


Billboard - Nikkole - 2014 Chart History

Billboard – Nikkole – 2014 Chart History

Nikkole Lands In The Top 20 On Billboard

Nikkole Billboard #20Gonna Get It Right is now a Hot Top 20 Billboard Dance Song

Super charged singer Nikkole hits the Billboard Top 20 Dance Chart at #20 with her scintillating dance floor stunner “Gonna Get It Right” from her new album “Hallucinations”. The chorus of the hit is a pure piece of effervescent pop / dance melody and Nikkole belts with strength and attitude across the top. The tracks fun and free feel was produced by none other than pop music producer Derek Bramble, who lives up to his legacy, creating a sound reminiscent of great summertime hits. This joint features scorching remixes by Papercha$er, Razor N Guido and Bailey Smalls.

Nikkole and her hit song “Gonna Get It Right” are in good company with, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Fat Boy Slim, Gregor Salto, and Ericka Jayne as they are all enjoying the ascension of their musical offerings on the Billboard Dance Chart.

Nikkole Is At Home On The Billboard Dance Chart


Nikkole - GGIR - Billboard #27 - SM - VR

Nikkole is #27 with a bullet on the Billboard Dance Chart in the August 16th issue of Billboard Magazine!!!

Everyone has been burning up the dance floor with Nikkole and those explosive remixes from Papercha$er, Razor N Guido and Bailey Smalls which has earned Nikkole a spot at #27 in her fourth week on the chart for the issue date of August 16, 2014.  The catchy pop-dance track started off as a #3 breakout on Billboard, and then zipped it’s way from 46, to 33 and now sits at #27 with a bullet.

After getting our heart rates rising with her suite of “Gonna Get It Right” remixes the powerhouse belter is coming for all of your circulatory system with her sleek, shiny and sexy music video.

Nikkole’s “Gonna Get It Right” is tailor-made for the clubs.  In the video directed by MTV award winning  director Ethan Lader; she is letting her fans know that it is finally time to let her blonde locks down, flip em ’round and get full-on hawt: And she did it! Nikkole properly serves the heat, showing us those fierce blue eyes, up against the wall, fist-pumping in clubland and giving you close-up Chanel and Versace couture.

Fans and critics agree that Nikkole is at home on the Billboard Dance Chart.


Papercha$er Remix Michael Jackson, Rihanna And Now Nikkole!


Papercha$er puts the dance floor heat on “Gonna Get It Right” by Nikkole


In just a few months Papercha$er have come out of nowhere to become one the most requested remixers in popular music. Recent mixes include Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, Rihanna’s Where Have You Been, Michael Jackson’s “Chicago” and a No. 1 hit with “Let It Go” from the Frozen soundtrack by Indina Menzel.

Papercha$er is a collective of established and well respected dance musicians that have combined for a single goal, to make people dance while creating the highest quality dance music imaginable. They have succeeded in doing just that on their remix of Nikkole’s fiery dance anthem “Gonna Get It Right”. Papercha$er has given the radio-friendly banger the full club treatment.

On June 10th, seven fresh remixes hit the scene from Nikkole’s “Gonna Get It Right”.  Other bangin’ remixers include; Razor N Guido and Bailey Smalls.


It’s an exceptional package, so start freaking out with them now. After all, you’ll be hearing these remixes of “Gonna Get It Right” demolishing the dance floor in clubs all over the world!

Nikkole - GGIR - Papercha$ser