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    Nikkole: a performer’s biography


There is no other singer quite like Nikkole.  She has a far-reaching platform that will catapult her to becoming the next legend.  With her chesty full-voice vocal nuances, her ability to set the scene with her songwriting talent, her energetic live performances and her supermodel beauty, Nikkole is extraordinarily vibrant and universal.  Jen Swartz at MTV raves, “…from the moment I heard Nikkole’s music, I loved it”.

From the very beginning, Nikkole expressed an accelerated interest in music.  At two years old, she would sit down at her favorite toy, a pink baby grand piano and begin playing and belting out original compositions that were surprisingly good.   Nikkole was very active in music in school as well, participating in glee club and later in the school band where she picked up the xylophone.  Nikkole knew that music was her passion and that she was going to jump in full throttle!

In my heart is a song
In my soul is a dream

With the wheels set in motion by the singer, all bets were on. Nikkole took the reins and became a force in the industry as an independent artist. Through her extraordinary work ethic and strong determination, she made her dream come true allowing her to gain the respect of many top artists.

Her strong will power, regardless of the situation even when no one supported and believed in her, Nikkole was insistent and maintained an invincible attitude which allowed her to persevere in the sometimes abhorrent music business.

Nikkole has been a lover of all musical styles, having been born in 1980 during a time when the charts were filled with hits from artists like Blondie, The Brother’s Johnson, Andy Gibb, Michael Jackson, and Donna Summer.  This created Nikkole’s genre bending approach to voicing her panache and individuality through her recordings.

Nikkole decided to dive into her new-found career path head-first. She has to date recorded four full-length studio albums, “Appearances”, “A Girl Like Me”, “Creolepatra”, and her brand new breakout record, “Hallucinations” released on July 15, 2014.

All of these acclaimed projects have garnered celebrated singles for Nikkole, including: “Over It”, “It’s Too Late”, “Gon’ Bounce”, “Breathe”, “E-X-OTIC” and “Love Was Made In Heaven” to name a few.

Nikkole also released a Christmas EP, “It’s Christmas” / “Wrap Me Up (Special Delivery)” which is a seasonal favorite among fans and radio. In addition to these releases, Nikkole also released her song “Amazing” featuring the legendary GRAMMY and EMMY award-winning Arturo Sandoval. Nikkole herself was featured on the chart-topping song, “You Keep Lifting Me Higher” by GRAMMY award-winner, Norman Brown, which she co-wrote and performed on with Brown. The recording spent 8 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Charts. In addition, Nikkole has also enjoyed having three of her own singles hit #1 on radio in the UK.

For her efforts, Nikkole has been awarded with many accolades including awards from Radio Free Virgin, American Idol Radio and she was the #1 independent singer in the U.S. on mp3.com with her debut album, “Appearances”. Many of her singles were added to medium and heavy rotation at over 60 commercial radio stations, including Clear Channel Stations in the U.S. and to numerous radio stations globally. Nikkole struck a chord abroad in Japan, which led her to record two songs in Japanese, making her one of the first American Pop recording artists to do so.

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    #1 Billboard Collab – Norman Brown

    #7 Billboard Charting Single

    #20 Billboard Charting Single

    Three #1 Singles in the UK

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    National and International Radio Airplay.

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    Music on MTV, TV Commercials and Films.

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    Grammy Voting Member.

  • In the Press

    Appeared in Billboard, Cosmo, Ebony, BRE

With all of these accomplishments, Nikkole was chosen as Pop Artist of the Year at the IMEA’s in 2015, and is a proud voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The GRAMMYs).  Her music has been featured in film, television, commercials and soundtracks.  Nikkole has toured with and / or shared the stage with many mainstream artists including:  Babyface, Boyz II Men, Macy Gray, Bobby Brown and countless others.  Magazine spreads and articles about Nikkole have appeared in many top publications including Cosmo, where she was chosen as one of America’s Top 10 Fearless Female Rockstars!  The success of her recording career has also led to her inking several endorsements and sponsorships with national and global companies.

Even with all of the accomplishments and exploits Nikkole has conquered, she saw a bigger even brighter horizon.  Her artistic spirit craved change.  She and her team set their sights on enlisting platinum producing British powerhouse, Derek Bramble (David Bowie, Faith Hill, Whitney Houston) to produce her 4th studio album, “Hallucinations”.  The album was mixed by GRAMMY award-winning engineer Ted Greenberg (P!NK, Chaka Khan, The Cure), and mastered by Pete Doell of Universal Music Group.  This set includes not only Nikkole’s heartwarming songwriting, but also the incomparable songwriting skills of Lindy Robbins (One Direction, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato).

Nikkole’s lead-off single Gonna Get It Right hit the ground running and led to a Top 20 Billboard Dance Chart Hit, and successful touring in the U.S. as well as abroad. Her follow-up single Zero, a club and radio-friendly banger got the full club treatment courtesy of killer remixes by club legends such as Grammy winner Dave Audè, Razor N Guido, Moto Blanco, Crazibiza and a Chill-Out wind down tempo, remixed by Grammy winner Ricky Kej .  Zero made it’s Billboard Chart debut at #46 with a bullet, and peaked #7  on the Billboard Dance Chart.  The single landed in the Top 10 on Spotify, won Best Pop song at the IMEA’s and was nominated along with the video at the HMMA’s.  The videos for both singles were directed by MTV Award-winning director, Ethan Lader.  In August 2016, “Hallucinations” was nominated for the prestigious Native American Music Award in the Best Pop Recording Category.

Nikkole is supremely proud of “Hallucinations”.  Despite all it took to get to this place, she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She has emerged with a stylistically wide-ranging and sincerely artistic “statement-making” Pop album.  Serving as the album’s executive producer, Nikkole finds herself exposing the most authentic version of who she is to date, thanks to clear-eyed, honest storytelling, sonic boundary-pushing, and expanded creative control.  “I have such a specific vision in mind,” Nikkole says, “I wanted to make sure that I was one of the people at the helm helping it translate.”  “Hallucinations is an emotional and energetic roller coaster.  It’s raw energy and musicianship.”

In 2019, Nikkole teamed with legendary pop and R&B Producer Leon Sylvers III (Dam-Funk, N’Dambi, Blackstreet, New Kids on the Block, Shalamar) to produce her forthcoming 5th Studio album.  This new collection features songs penned by Nikkole, Leon Sylvers III, Academy award-winning recording star and master guitar player Ray Parker, Jr., among many talented collaborators. 2021 is sure to bring forth one of Nikkole’s most dynamic albums ever!

A wild chance of optimism
Opportunities, endless

Her fans, the “Nikkolediers,” and critics alike know that not only has the singer mastered the art of brilliant songwriting, dynamic and powerful live singing with a charismatic stage presence, but she has mastered making concert goers feel like they are watching her do what she was born to do – PERFORM!

With so much on the landscape, Nikkole will continue to evolve; because evolution is the gift of the universe.

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